Art is a journey… and so is our fashion sense. We evolve, and with that evolution comes greater understanding. So, how we decorate our homes and offices, or what we wear changes ever so subtly over time. Canvas & Weaves is a result of that evolution.

It’s a curated gallery, but we offer more than just a point of sale. Canvas & Weaves provides an on-going dialogue between us and the artists and creators.

We give artists and designers a platform to express, interact and even collaborate. So that canvas and fabric experience a controlled riot of color, and newer forms of expression, whatever the medium.


Canvas & Weaves is a formalization of what Ferzin has been doing for over a decade. After bidding adieu to her corporate job, Ferzin delved into her first love: art. Over the years she has discovered her passion for expressing herself on canvas (using charcoal, oils and pastels), with fabric, and through a camera lens. She has curated well-received art exhibitions in Singapore, and co-hosted an exclusive line of Indo-Western garments for a number of years.

With Canvas & Weaves, she has given her twin passions - art and fashion - a platform for expression. She aims to curate and encourage the art forms and its leading artists and weavers more meaningfully. And to interact with connoisseurs like you, more closely.

Canvas & Weaves introduces traditional fabric, weaves and patterns to a wider audience. It introduces young and renowned artists in a more welcoming, friendly setting. It allows Ferzin to collaborate and create and presents you with an open platform to choose the expression that you truly connect with.